We think of most crypto assets like "network equities"

A new asset class with governance and financial rights

Only for professional investors

What, Why, How Crypto

Crypto markets are complex, but offer the best investment opportunities over the next decade. The attractive properties of web 3 tech will increasingly find its way into the real world by “powering” and reshaping coordination globally.


Crypto assets are scarce digital tokens that organise crypto networks, which are distributed (shared) databases where users own their own data.

Enabling technologies are cryptography, computer protocols and economic incentives which permit the networks to maintain a true state without a third party (i.e. trust minimised). Key features are censorship resistance and open source.


Today’s social-economic coordination is built on so many complex layers of trust that it’s often inefficient, and abuse is difficult to detect.

Web 3 enables scaling- and coordination solutions that offer significant “trust efficiencies”, from productivity, innovation, and value distribution. Crypto networks are a social-economic upgrade from today’s mostly centralized and value extractive solutions.


Network effects from crypto assets use case drive the overall value flows.  Crypto capital assets (“network equities”) have discountable value flows whereas crypto commodities derive its value form network effects from its core utility (NV=n2).

Crypto assets can take many forms and can be a combination of commodities and capital assets which is distinctive for the crypto space.  Some also takes SOV properties.

We Identify at least 3 multi USD trillion opportunities

Web 3.0
(Data ownership & logic unbundling)

(Decentralized Finance)

Trustless currencies
(Bitcoin et al…)

Unbeatable crypto and traditional asset management extpertise

Arne Vaagen

Co-Founder, CIO
14 years investment banking career (analyst, equity sales & management). He left his managing director position in Alfred Berg Norway in 1999 to Co-Found the hedge fund Futuris (part of Brummer & Partners) where he served as CIO until December 2014 (486% return). From January 2015 until present he has been CIO of Avenue Investment. He became active in the crypto space in 2017 and launched Avenue Crypto hedge fund in May 2019.

Francisco Gordillo

Co-Founder, Co-CIO, Head of Research
Rothschild Spain M&A, ECM origination ABN AMRO - Rothschild Joint Venture, Credit Suisse First Boston EMEA- FIG team. Left CSFB in 2000 to start his first tech venture, after which he has worked for, cooperated with, and advised numerous companies, including Telefonica Media or Dentsu. He has been involved full time in the crypto space since 2012, and Joined Avenue Investment Crypto in 2H 2020.
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